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UPVC Repairs in Alloa

Our experienced locksmith can provide UPVC repairs in Alloa, Clackmannanshire. UPVC door mechanisms can be complex to repair but our qualified locksmith can help by either repairing your existing lock or replacing your faulty lock.

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UPVC door locks may become faulty due to several issues, luckily many of which can be fixed without needing a whole new door. Get in touch with our qualified and experienced locksmith in Alloa for more information about UPVC repairs.

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Yes. We can fix faulty UPVC door locks by repairing faulty parts or realigning the door.

This is often a sign of a blockage in the gearbox or a spun cam due to having used extra force. It can also happen after having tried to use the lock when a key was in the other side. We can repair this issue in one visit and fit a new cylinder with a lifetime guarantee. 

This can happen when the door is out of alignment. You should get your uPVC door fixed at this stage to save expensive bills down the line. We can fix uPVC doors with adjustments, taking the strain off the working part of the door and leaving it fully functional again.

This indicates the gearbox has failed and will require a replacement and an adjustment to the door.

This indicates the mechanism may have failed and may require a replacement and door adjustment. 

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