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New Year Promotion

Tuesday, November 14th, 2017

New Year, new resolutions…

… healthy eating, more exercise, save money…

Whilst we can’t help you much with your diet or exercise routine, we can help you  save money on your home security. Our standard  wireless alarm package is only £349 at the moment and has got the added benefit of zero calories and excellent burglar deterrent qualities.

Phone us today for more information and to book an appointment – 07516 807585 or 01259 682014.


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Alarm and CCTV Installation

Wednesday, January 11th, 2017

Your home is your castle – but with burglaries on the rise, feeling safe in your own home can be difficult. Being robbed of your possessions is bad, but most victims of a break in report that the feeling of being invaded and violated is far worse.

Raising your security levels doesn’t need to mean high fences, guard dogs and steel bars on your doors – intruder alarms and CCTV systems are excellent deterrents. Most burglars will turn away when they see an alarm and / or CCTV system fitted to a property.

AL Security can offer you a wide range of security solutions to affordably and effectively protect your home.

Combined with upgraded security on your doors and windows you can really give those burglars a hard time – and yourself peace of mind, knowing that yourself, your loved ones and your possessions are safe.

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Protect Your Home

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2016

Your front doors are the primary route of entry and exit into the house. You can improve home security by making simple adjustments to your front door.

AL Security  can advise you on your home security and carry out all the work!

Door, frames and locks – Wooden doors

A rim latch (Yale type) on its own is not sufficient. The door should also be fitted preferably with a 5 lever mortice deadlock, though insurance companies will accept a rim automatic deadlock; both must be to British Standard 3621 or the equivalent European Standard EN12209.
Advice on front door security while the house is occupied will vary, depending on whom you speak to. Fire Safety Officers will advise that, for safety reasons, the mortice deadbolt should not be engaged when the house is occupied, as locating and engaging the key can cause unnecessary delay in escaping from the scene of a fire. Crime Prevention Officers may suggest that a rim latch on its own is insufficient in providing adequate security and that engaging the lock would increase this, as well as the safety of young children in preventing them from wandering. Clearly these are issues which need to be considered. If you feel fire safety is the priority, additional security can be obtained by fitting draw bolts to the top and bottom of the door.
Quality locks are only as strong as the doors and frames to which they are attached. Ensure that the frame is sound and the door suitable for external use; for instance, a wooden hollow core door would not be suitable. It should be of substantial construction, at least 44mm (13/4″) thick to support the mortice lock and hung on three strong 100mm (4″) hinges. The rim latch and the mortice should be fitted 45 to 60cm (18-24″) apart. In the door itself recessed or decorative panels should be a minimum of 9mm (1/3″) thick.
Consider fitting a London Bar (metal strip on frame side) to support the strike box, or Birmingham bar to support the frame on the hinge side. If the door is weak consider fitting a sheet steel plate or door reinforcer on the outside covering the lock area.
Timber frames should be sound and securely bolted or screwed to the the walls every 600mm (23″) around the whole frame.

Letter boxes

Letter boxes can be used by the criminal, either to extract goods from within in close proximity to the door, commonly door keys, or to work vulnerable locking devices from the inside.
Letter plates should conform to British Standard. They should be positioned not closer then 400 mm from the door lock and under no circumstances should they be fitted to the bottom rail of the door. An internal cover plate offers additional security, as does a letter basket, though you might wish to consider removing the bottom, allowing the mail to fall to the floor and thus preventing theft of the mail.
Front door security
For added safety and security fit a spy hole and door chain or limiter. These will enable you to deal with callers to your front door whilst retaining a level of security.

UPVC/PVCU front doors

UPVC/PVCU front doors are generally unsuitable for retro-fit security devices. Not only is the material not strong enough to support devices fitted with steel screws unless secured into the internal metal framework, but such changes to the original design may invalidate an existing warranty or possibly damage the integral locking assembly. If in doubt, consult the installer/manufacturer. Modern designs will usually incorporate deadlock shoot bolts or a multi-point locking system, both throwing a number of bolts from the door into the frame. Under these circumstances there will not normally be any need for additional devices.

(Source: Met Police )

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